Sunday, May 27, 2012

Under the Ring of Fire!, Part Deux

A few days ago I posted about my recent trip to witness and photograph the May 20th Annular Solar Eclipse. I shared with you pictures taken the day of the event.
What I didn't share with you at the time because it wasn't finished being edited is a video I created from the images. Both the telescope camera and the other camera lens setup were triggered via remote to fire off a shot every 15 seconds. The telescope did a great job of tracking the sun so I rarely had to adjust its view. The other camera/lens combo on the other hand was simply mounted on a tripod. If I placed the sun in the upper left corner of the frame and let it go, about 5 or 6 shots later the sun would have drifted down to the lower right and I'd have to re-adjust it's position.
It's this series of images, 530 in all, that I decided to edit into a short video of the entire event. It was quite a long and tedious process, taking a total of about 8 or 9 hours to complete. But I'm very happy with the results and excited to be able to share it with everyone here tonight.
For the very best results you really should watch it in HD and full screen.
Enjoy and please leave a comment if you like it.
Clicking on the image below should take you to the video in the gallery. From there, click on the FullHD icon above the clip to watch it in all its glory.