Friday, May 25, 2012

North Loop to Fletcher Peak.

There's something to be said about getting out early in the morning, breathing fresh, clean mountain air and hitting the trail with great friends. If I could do that everyday and make a living at it I certainly would. Just yesterday I hit the North Loop trail up in the Spring Mountains with two buddies and had a great time. Initially we were talking about doing the Big Falls hike but at the last minute decided on Fletcher Peak via the North Loop Trail.

My hiking buddies Fred Bell & Steve Theodore.

I've hiked this trail probably more times then any other in the Spring Mountains. It's a really great trail and quite the lung burner. Especially when you've got Fred burning up the trail in front of you. I wish I could keep up with this guy. He's like a machine! Before you know it you hit the crest of the trail and you are pegging 10,000' on the GPS. This was my favorite trail to climb when I was preparing for my Kilimanjaro trip.

There are are lots of small flowers in bloom at the moment along this trail.

Along with quite a few old Bristlecone trees.

The Three Amigos - Myself, Steven Theodore & Fred Bell.

Steve is the master at capturing the shapes and textures in nature.

From the high point on the North Loop trail, looking west, you have a great view of Mummy's Toe, or the foot of Mummy Mountain.

Fred posing with the Bristlecones.

Strange to see a cairn built on the end of a log but whatever....

Steve & Fred pose for a 6 image pano. The peaks in the background from L-R are Griffith, Charleston & Mummy.

Steve takes a break near one of the areas old Bristlecones. Notice how the roots appear to be completely exposed above ground. We had a discussion about whether or not the trees are still alive. They do appear to be dead but how is it that they have not decayed or been eaten by termites or other bugs? Steve seems to think they are preserved by the high desert mountain air. Maybe so. All I know is it's very cool to be walking among trees that have been around for many hundreds and some, thousands of years.

Till next time......