Monday, May 28, 2012

Astrophotography...Can't think of anything more frustrating!

From recent post regarding the solar eclipse I know many of you have learned that astronomy is a passion of mine. And of course being a photographer I've always tried my hand at astrophotography.
I really should just give it up! It's so frustrating to do well. i really have to give it to the guys/gals that make it look easy. The patience that is required to get really good at this is beyond my means. Sure, I can take a decent shot of star trails with the camera on a tripod but when it comes to photography through the telescope, the sun & the moon is my limit.
You folks have already seen my solar work so tonight I set up the scope to capture the first quarter moon phase and here's what I came up with. Two decent shots....of quite a few taken.

I then made the mistake of turning the scope to Saturn and giving it a try. Sure you can tell it's Saturn but it's not very sharp and has very little detail.

Planetary Photography is so difficult and is only surpassed in difficulty by deep sky photography that requires exposures lasting minutes and sometimes hours. I've tried it in the fun. But the results can be impressive. Somewhere in a drawer I've got images that I captured in the "old days" on film. I'll have to dig those up and share one day.

Till next time.....