Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Africa 2012 - The video diaries, Pt.1 of 2

So if you've managed to following along on my journey the last 16 days I must say "Thank You". I thought for sure over the last couple of days I've nicknamed the "Diarrhea Diaries" most of you would have given up on me and found your internet time better spent on Facebook or MySpace (Yeah, that's right, I said MySpace.) or Googling the meaning of "floccinaucinihilipilification". Go ahead, I'll wait. You know you have to Google it now.

There, you're back. Good. Now let's get back to my story. I was asked by a friend, Mitch, if I shot much video while on the trip? My answer was, not much. As it turns out that's not really true. I honestly didn't think I shot much video on the trip. I really didn't shoot too much while on the mountain because of a fear of running out of batteries but I did shoot more then I thought so I've decided to post and share all of the video from my trip here in this vlog. I'm actually going to break it up into two days. Today, I'll share all of the videos I shot while on the mountain and tomorrow I'll share all of the videos I shot while on safari. Big surprise, there's more clips tomorrow but there are a couple today that I hope you find entertaining.

And just so everyone knows, these are not great cinematic scenes. They weren't shot while on tripods or with dollies or jibs. For the most part they are simply Flip Video camera clips, shot handheld and shaky. In many cases it was more for me just to document the scene or tell a bit about what was happening. Many of the clips do not even have any narration, just the natural sound of the location. Some in fact are barely watchable and a few or downright annoying to listen to because of wind noise. I'll try and give you a heads up when to turn the sound down. This is more about me just spilling my guts out about this once in a life time trip and sharing everything with you guys.

All of the images below are links to specific video clips. Clicking on the image should open and start the video. Clicking the back button when it's finished or whenever you have had enough should take you back to this page.  The good thing is that very few of these clips are more then 30 seconds long so they will not bore you for too long. For the camera geeks, I had a Flip Video camera, My Canon S100 P&S and my Canon 5D MarkII recording at different times. Most of the time you can easily tell the difference in quality with the Flip camera being the worst and the 5D Mark II the best.

So let's get to it. This first clip I actually have posted. It's the first video clip I shot while on the shuttle bus leaving my hotel in London to head to Heathrow Airport for Africa. I got on the bus and left for the airport and Toto's "Africa" was playing on the radio. It just seemed strange at the time. Coincidence, maybe, maybe not.

 Day two on the mountain and during one of our short breaks I took out my Flip video camera to shoot our surroundings.
Out on the trail, Headed for Kilimanjaro. Day two.

Another clip from day two introducing our group.
Out on the trail, introducing the gang and showing the meaning of Pole, Pole.

After arriving in camp on day two I made this short clip just talking about the day. I wish I had done this every day but I didn't.
End of day two on the mountain. Just a short explanation of what's happening. 

Out on the trail, day three, the porters are passing us with their heavy loads.
Walking Pole, Pole on the trail with porters ahead of us. 

 About an hour out of camp on day four all of the porters start catching up and passing us on the trail. I had to get a shot of these guys. yes, they are all there for the three of us.
The porters, the guys that are really doing all the hard work.

Day four and we've just arrived at our camp at Mawenzi Tarn. Look closely and you just might see a few snow flakes falling.
End of day four at the Mawenzi Tarn camp site. You might notice the light snow falling but you can definitely see the storm closing in on us.

Just before heading out for our daily acclimatization hike I shot this video. I think a few snow flakes are visible in it as well. You also get a sneak peek into the mess tent.
Another shot on day four at the Mawenzi Tarn camp site. This one really shows the clouds rolling in around us and also gives you a sneak peek inside our mess tent.

Day five, after a long day of hiking through the whiteout, we are in our high camp at 15,400'. I watch this video and still can't believe I made it another 3,800' this evening. It looks like I just came in from doing 100 jumping jacks but in reality I just walked from the mess tent into mine.
At high camp, day five - 15,400', having a hard time breathing and concentrating on what I wanted to say. Sorry it's a bit long and repetitive. 

Unfortunately there are no video clips from the summit. I even packed my Flip camera up there and forgot to roll any footage while up there. Oh well. I wasn't thinking clearly.

The following day I did record this short clip at Horombo Huts just before we left in the morning.
Horombo huts, our final day on the mountain. Getting ready to leave camp after a long night's rest. One of the few climbers that was sort of shadowing our route comes up to say goodbye before taking off. I believe he was from Australia or New Zealand.

That's it for clips from the mountain. Tomorrow all the cool videos of the wild animals while out on safari.
Stay tuned for the finale tomorrow.