Monday, June 6, 2011

New Years Resolutions...and why I don't do them...

I had a single New Years Resolution this year.
It was to post more on my website's blog then I did in 2010. I had a grand total of 3 post in 2010 and they were all done while we were on our Alaskan cruise. Isn't it kind of ironic that last year the ONLY time I posted on my website blog was while I was on vacation?????
Well, this is post #1 for 2011! It's June 6th, the year is already half over so I have six months left to make at least three post in order to fulfill my resolution.
Hopefully I can do it!

This is supposed to be a photo blog so I guess I'm obligated to include at least one photo. For those that don't already know it, back in mid April I went on a great 4 day hike through Zion with a few friends. It turned out to be one of the most grueling experiences of my life but also an incredible adventure. the shot below was taken at the very beginning of day one at the trailhead just as we prepared to head off into the wilderness.