Saturday, May 22, 2010

All Aboard....

The big day is finally here....Penny and I are at sea on our first cruise. We left the Seattle port yesterday around 4:30pm and headed out Puget Sound headed for our first stop, Juneau, tomorrow around 12 noon.
Today was the first day of our D.I.A. conference and I was lucky enough to be selected to give my talk on the first day. I gave a 45 minute talk on astrophotography and was able to share lots of pics I've taken over the last 20 or so years. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the class and had lots of great questions.
Now that I've given my talk I can just sit back and relax the rest of the week. Public speaking is not my favorite thing.....

The ship is really great. We are onboard the Holland America cruise ship Zaandam. I checked out the gym yesterday and plan on hitting it later this afternoon. Gotta keep up with the exercise routine considering all the eating we are doing onboard.
Well...internet ain't cheap on the ship so I'm going to cut this short and just post a couple pics from the trip so far. We are really looking forward to the whale watching excursion tomorrow and if we are luck I'll have some great shots to share in a day or so.