Monday, October 19, 2009

Just playing ball....

I've been trying to capture this on video for the last year but every time I had the camera handy, Sirius was not in the mood to play ball this way. Anyone that has a dog, especially a Lab, knows they love to play ball. But every once in while Sirius is just not in the mood to get up and run after it so he'll just nudge it across the floor to me and as long as I roll it back to him, he pushes it back to me.
There's nothing really great or cinematic about the clip, just a simple :48 seconds that I'm sure one day I'll be very glad I captured on film.
I recently saw the movie "Marley & Me" and realize now how important it is to capture these moments.
I hope you enjoy the clip and it puts a smile on your face like it does mine even after watching it several times during the processing.