Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All the leaves are brown...and the sky is gray....

Well ok, all the leaves are not brown, but they are starting to change.

My wife and I recently returned from a trip to her hometown of Plattsburgh, NY. We had a great visit with her family while there even though the weather did not cooporate with us while there. It rained on us every day we were there. The one morning we woke to what appeared to be a break in the rain we decided to take a drive down around the Lake Placid area about an hour South of Plattsburgh. We were on the road for about thirty minutes before the sky opened up on us again and we turned around. We managed to take a few shots before the rain caught up to us and I've posted a couple of them in the gallery that can be viewed by clicking on the photo above.

I'm sure some will get the song reference in my title to this post and it's a song that I've been thinking about all day today. It's one of those songs that I think about when I'm a bit depressed or dealing with upsetting news and I received some of that upsetting news very early today. I was awakened this morning with a text message from a friend that another dear friend and work colleague had died over night. My friend Shaun Rodgers, a young and otherwise healthy 39 years old, past away while in the hospital in Washington, D.C. Shaun and I worked together at AVW-TELAV for about four years. It was only four years but it seemed as though Shaun lived eight years in that time frame. He was always the life of the party and if he wasn't, he surely knew where the party was. I thought about our short time together quite a bit today and tried to remember a single time when he didn't have that grin on his face. He always saw the positive side to every situation he encountered and because of that was not only a great sales person, he was a great person to be around. He will be sorely missed by everyone he knew, friends, co-workers and of course his family. For those of you reading this that did not know Shaun.....that's your loss. Everyone that knows me knows I'm not a religious person but if there is a God then I hope he's looking over Shaun and his family.