Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No, I'm not levitating.....

I just wanted to take a photo of my feet for the "Traveling Feet" series and the ground just wasn't impressing me.

My friend Glenn and I decided to knock another trail off our list of hikes around the Vegas valley. While everyone else in the valley was waking up to temps around 80 degrees we started our hike to a very cool 50 degrees. Glenn's thermometer in his car said it was 44 but I really do not believe it was that cool. As we progressed on the trail temperatures seem to quickly rise but never to a point where it was uncomfortable. I'd have to say "just right" was the best way to describe the days temps.

The Bristlecone Trail starts out at 8,680 ft and climbs to 9,400 ft at it's highest point. It's a very easy 700 ft climb because the elevation gain is spread out over the first couple miles. It would be no effort at all if not for the fact that you are starting out at 8,700 ft and for most people you can feel the altitude from the start. For those of you familiar with the area the upper trailhead starts out at the very end of Lee Canyon Rd. Anyone that goes skiing up at Mt. Charleston is familiar with the location.

The Bristlecone trail is a beautiful hike with plenty of photo ops. As usual, clicking on the photo will take you to the gallery containing all the pics from this hike. Feel free to leave a comment.