Thursday, May 7, 2009

Video Time.....

I mentioned in my last blog entry that a video was coming. Well, it's video time!
This is my first official video shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II and painfully edited on my laptop.
On our recent trip to Page, AZ we drove through Zion National Park on the way over there and the way back. It added a little time to the drive but was well worth it.
As we headed up to Page I shot stills only and decided that on the drive home I would shoot video only. This six minute video is the result of that journey.
Yeh, it's a little boring, pan left, pan right, tilt up, tilt down. It's really more just to show off the quality of the video.

You can watch the video here in this small window or follow THIS LINK to the main page where you can watch it full screen. Of course that is what I would recommend you doing. No point in uploading 1280x720p video only to watch it in that tiny window.
After seeing the results of the video I now wish I had shot video while at Horseshoe Bend and around the Lake Powell Marina while we were on our little get-away.
And for anyone interested in the calm, soothing music, it's a track called "Star Gazing" that I downloaded as my free choice when I joined You may remember that I mentioned in an earlier blog entry. You really should check them out if you are looking for royalty-free music.
I hope you enjoy the video.