Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Great source for Royalty-Free Music!

For many of you that don't know me, my background goes into TV and video production. I spent the better part of 12 years working directly for two different television stations back in Louisiana. One of the things I was always impressed by was the music library they had for commercial production use. It wasn't cheap back then, we are talkin' hundreds of dollars per disc! and these library's usually had around 100 disc. Do the math....
With the advent of the internet there have come many online sources for royalty-free music and I happened across a pretty decent one today. First let's be clear about one thing, this is not the type of music you listen to everyday. This is for video productions where you will be selling the finished production on DVD. Sure it would be great to be able to use today's top 40 artist but that music is not cheap and most of us do not have the budget for that.
Well, how does $20 sound? Not bad, huh? Check out Stock20.com for some decent tunes to edit to.
Clicking on my link above entitles you to one free song.
With all you guys shooting with the new Nikon D90 and Canon's 5DMII I'm sure more and more of you are looking for decent tracks to edit that cool HD video to so give the folks over at Stock20.com a try. You can't go wrong.
A special thanks to Scott Bourne and the gang at Photofocus for the Stock20 heads up.

Here's one of my favorite shots from last November's Aviation Nation Air Show out at Nellis AFB. Clicking on the shot will take you to the Flickr gallery with the rest of this series images.
Speaking of music...can't you just hear Kenny Login's Danger Zone tune looking at that shot. I know, I know..Maverick flew an F-14 Tomcat, not an F-15 Eagle but unless you are really into military jets you are not going to know the difference. They did enter service at roughly the same time, they are both roughly the same size, they are both two-seaters (at least this one is...)
That's a negative Ghost rider, the pattern is full.