Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day two of our trip to Page, AZ...

Well, it's getting late and as the end of day two nears I've decided to throw up one last image and update everybody on day two. This image was taken today at Horseshoe Bend using the 16mm Zenitar Fisheye lens I picked up a few years ago off eBay for around $175.00.
I'd always wanted a fisheye lens but never could justify spending the money that Canon wants for their lens. Maybe if I used it more often but this lens rarely comes out of the bag. Anyway, I've been really happy with the lens. It's not great at f2.8 but stopped down to f11 like in this shot it really is a decent lens for the money. Of course this image has been brought into Photoshop and the heavy distortion that is naturally part of a 180 degree fisheye lens has been slightly corrected.
This is the first, and only so far, image from a great trip to this awesome place today. I will probably not be processing the others till next week as the next few days we have busy shooting schedules. Tomorrow - Antelope Canyon!

Oh...and don't worry mom, she was at least 5 feet from the edge of the 500 foot dropoff.