Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day Four - Page, AZ....

As day four comes to an end we are busy packing and getting ready to head home tomorrow but not first without a return drive through Zion National Park. Tomorrow's trip I plan on only shooting HD video with the new Canon 5D Mark II. I brought my video tripod along just for the occasion.

We didn't have any organized photo shoots scheduled today with the group. We had the morning free to go out and explore on our own. Penny and I took a drive in towards Page, just a few miles from the marina where we are staying, and we noticed a sign labeled "scenic view". We decided to take a look and see what the area had to offer. It turned out to be the incredible vista shown above of the Glen Canyon Dam and the Colorado river running a few miles downstream.

Several times during our mid day photography classes our event coordinator, Fred Yake, has mentioned how he never uses a tripod to shoot panos and seeing as how I didn't have my tripod with me I too decided to give it a try. This shot was taken with the 5DMII and the 24-70mm lens at 24mm. Handheld, two rows of three images for a total of six shots. The stitch worked flawlessly.

Clicking on the photo will take you to the gallery showing you the full sized image. The detail is just amazing. Those two white marks you see in the river just about in the middle of the bend are pontoon boats. They take people on tours and actually depart right from the base of the dam. That must certainly be a different perspective from high above the canyon walls here. Maybe next time we make it out here a pontoon boat tour will be on our itinerary.
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