Thursday, April 9, 2009

Better late than never....

So for the last week or so I've been working on getting the website laid out. It's something I've been putting off for the past three or so years since I left my former employer and started doing freelance work.
It's been quite a learning experience and I went the "easy" route. I decided to go with a SmugMug Pro account that allows complete layout customization. I even took SmugMug's advice and registered my domain name with one of their sponsors, You know them, they are the guys with the Superbowl commercials with hot chicks... oh wait, that's just about every advertiser during the Superbowl.
Anyway, the site is up and I'm asking anyone that runs across any errors, spelling, formatting, whatever you see that seems wrong to drop me a note and let me know about it. Spelling errors are a pet peeve of mine so I'd like to catch them early. Fortunately, this is a website for sharing my photography, not so much my "words" but I do plan on trying to post here in the blog at least once a week.

The shot above was my first attempt at a stitched shot having a person move from frame to frame. The "guinea pig" is my friend Glenn. I knew if the shot worked out right it would be a bit surreal so what better location to try it then at the Racetrack playa in Death Valley. This place is surreal. Click on the photo to be taken to my gallery from the recent trip.